Fall – Pie

I have been in the pie making mode.  We have a pear tree and an apple tree at the farm.
Both trees have produced a bountiful harvest of fruit this year.
What better way to use the fruit than to make pies – yum!
I love to bake! I love to eat baked goodies!
But then my high school home economics instructor’s words come to haunt me,
“Now girls remember, “a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips!”
Why oh why did she say that! – LOL!

iphone 10-30-14 015Apple tree at the farm.
iphone 10-30-14 016Loaded with apples this year.iphone 10-30-14 020pies 001pies 004Pie in the making.
pies 006Yum and topped off with ice cream.iphone 10-30-14 078Pear tree at our home.
003I use the same pie recipe for both fruits.
As of date,  I have made 7 apple pies and 4 pear pies,
9 of the pies I have given away to friends and family.
Sharing my Blessings-
Rhonda <><