Down on the Farm

Just wanted to say all is well “Down on the Farm”, it has been a busy time since we are getting frequent rain showers.  Last year this time, we couldn’t buy a drop of rain, this year is another story.  With so many jobs to do, the fellows are going in all direction as well as myself.  I mow or help do yard work for the guys in our family; especially when it is so busy.  I was mowing on Tuesday and the mow broke, took it back to shop to investigate what the problem could be.  My hubby was a mechanic for many years and taught me a few things.  Always start simple, took out mower manual and looked at fuses, then PTO switch.  My son came in shop and said it could be switch or clutch. Then my oldest nephew stopped in and added the switches go out frequently.  We have had the mower for 4 years and I have never replaced switch.  To make a long story short and after using a volt meter; the switch had to be the problem. My sister-in-law then ran to get switch for the mower.  I had milking chores to do.  Then on Wednesday, with mower being fixed, I finished another yard.  On coming back to farm, there was a cow calving.  My next oldest nephew was busy unloading loads of silage.  He came and gave me a piece of baling twine with loops on each end.  He said, “If she will let you get close, put the loops on front legs and pull when she pushes”. I have helped with many a calf pulling, but not with baling twine – lol!  First time mommas are a little wild, but I think they know when you are there to help.  I waited patiently and soon she was ready for help.  I pulled  this little fellow, he was a big one!

164 What a good momma, tending to the calf right away!

168Aw, this is sweet!

178This is Clint unloading silage.

179Pulling empty wagon away.

180Finishing up for the night, being ready to go tomorrow.

172Grandpa checking out new combine with Caleb.  It is always exciting when new equipment arrives at the farm.  Our guys are wise when it comes to
buying new/different equipment, it isn’t something they do lightly.

188My oldest, Matt, combining barley.  He is in the old combine.  We have had this combine for many, many years.

189He is stopping to come and visit with his Dad.  We are parked on side of road  near field.

Along with evening chores – milking; this was all happening on Wednesday.  I had three new calves on Wednesday.  (I am not sure what the guys were thinking – lol!  All these new babies during busy time.)  On Thursday it was more of the same.  I wanted to get pictures of Curt using vertical till, but he stopped for evening before I could get them.  Oh well, it was getting dark.  I was in the milking parlor most of evening, then onto feeding calves.  I tended to 35 calves on Thursday night.

Sorry, no crafty busy today.  It is all about “Down on the Farm”.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in a part of my world.

Blessings on your Day – Rhonda <><