Sharing Thankfulness

I am thankful today . . .

      – for sewing machine
– for insulated coveralls
– for scrappy friends
– for time

What are you thankful for today?

We are having arctic temps in our area, first started with snow and wind, today it is temperatures and wind chill temperature.

jan 2014 051
jan 2014 086

 I washed my coveralls, zipper broke, bummer! I am so thankful I have a sewing machine to fix the problem.

SU Thankyou 0021
SU Thankyou 0041
SU Thankyou 0061
I will stay warm during chore time.

jan 2014 075
jan 2014 079
Once a month I get together with my Scrappy Friends, we call ourselves the “Scrappy Girls”.  This is the card I shared as a make n take.  I have been in a rut for the past couple months, trying to find my creative mojo.  I went to Pinterest for some inspiration and found it. I can add Pinterest to my thankful list.

SU Thankyou 0091

SU Thankyou 0081

SU Thankyou 0101
Counting my Blessings – Rhonda


I made fleece tie blankets for my great nieces back in March.  It was fun to go looking for pretty girl prints.  I made a fast run with a friend to a fabric store, an hour away – road trip!!

Addie loves her blankie and Cailie’s blankie!!!

When Jon saw Addie’s blanket, he said I want a blanket and Nate wants one too!  This started the making of a blanket for my son, Jon and my “son” Nate.  (Nate and Jon have grown up together, so Nate calls me his second “Mom”. Nate has spent many hours at our home over the years.)  When Jon and Nate went off to EIU this fall, I thought it would be the perfect time to make their blankets. Another trip to the fabric store – yippeee!  Jon is 6’5″, so I purchased 3 1/2 yards for his blanket, Nate is not as tall, his blanket is made from 2 1/2 yards.

Working on Jon’s blanket.  He wanted his blanket to be blue.

I had to keep working on both sides and rolling it up because it was too long for our ping-pong table.

A lot of knot tying on Jon’s blanket.

Finished with Jon’s blanket!!

Starting of Nate’s blanket.  Jon wanted brown for Nate’s blanket – it is a surprise!

Not as many knots!  I am seeing an end to this project.

Finished with Nate’s blanket! I think the boys will love these blankets this winter – keeping warm.  I love you boys and I am so proud of you!  It has been a joy to watch you grow up together in grade school and now continuing your education at the same University .

I enjoy making gifts for those I love!

Blessings and Prayers – Rhonda <><