Fall – Pie

I have been in the pie making mode.  We have a pear tree and an apple tree at the farm.
Both trees have produced a bountiful harvest of fruit this year.
What better way to use the fruit than to make pies – yum!
I love to bake! I love to eat baked goodies!
But then my high school home economics instructor’s words come to haunt me,
“Now girls remember, “a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips!”
Why oh why did she say that! – LOL!

iphone 10-30-14 015Apple tree at the farm.
iphone 10-30-14 016Loaded with apples this year.iphone 10-30-14 020pies 001pies 004Pie in the making.
pies 006Yum and topped off with ice cream.iphone 10-30-14 078Pear tree at our home.
003I use the same pie recipe for both fruits.
As of date,  I have made 7 apple pies and 4 pear pies,
9 of the pies I have given away to friends and family.
Sharing my Blessings-
Rhonda <><

Homemade Bread

I love to bake.  Yesterday – I made homemade bread.  The smell fills our home and lingers for hours.  It is one of my comfort foods!  There is nothing like getting bread out of the oven, tearing of pieces and dipping it in butter – the real stuff!  Lol!  I use Prairie Farms Butter, to me there is nothing better.

I start with wheat berries.  I grind the berries to have the freshest wheat flour.  I then mix the dough, cut the dough, shape it, place in baking pans, let it rise, bake, and then eat.  Oh so good!  It is a process, but to me, well worth the work.

Have a Blessed Day – Rhonda <><